ALLRECIPES : In 2016, Bugs, More Veggies and Fat's Back

Yes, 2015 was a super sweet year, full of love for Lemon Brownies and s’mores in all shapes and forms, a calendar stuffed with delicious hacks and mashups and Next Level dishes recorded in stop action photography and shared widely. But there’s lots of tasty trends to look forward to in 2016. Here are some food and drink trend predictions from a few plugged-in Seattle chefs and mixologists.

These bugs are edible, and, no, they don’t taste like chicken. Photo by Leslie Kelly

Dezi Bonow, The Carlile Room: “I say this every year but 2016 is gonna be the year they start allowing carbon-neutral “alternative protein” …aka bugs. So yeah, insect used as filler in frozen Salisbury steak and Quarter Pounders.”

Maria Hines, Tilth, Agrodolce, Golden Beetle: Barrel-aged cocktails, ancient grain pastas and fermented foods.

Shota Nakajima, Naka: More sea urchin. “Uni is one of my favorite ingredients! It’s great for honestly anything as in grilled steamed fried or raw. It can be used as a umami component for a hidden flavor for many sauces as well!”

Jamie Boudreau, canon: “You’ll continue to see smoked drinks on menus, but people will begin looking to more than wood to smoke with. People will continue to sneak “flair” into bartending and this will be most obvious by the number of “thrown” drinks a bar prepares. American whiskey will continue to be the new king, with it being heavily allocated again and prices will continue to rise in this category.”

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